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Even with a healthy lifestyle, there can be factors beyond our control that make it hard for someone to feel their best. Sometimes, turning to prescription medications seems like the only option. Unfortunately, that only puts a band-aid on the problem and opens the door to a wide range of potential side effects.

At Oilled, our mission is to help improve lives through education and access to natural oil-based solutions.

When our founder was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease in his early 20s, his doctors said the only solution to slowing progression was to start a daily regimen of medications. To help give is body the best fighting chance, he also made it a priority to exercise daily and switched mainly to organic foods with low sodium, fat, and cholesterol. He also actively researched each prescription he was given to help troubleshoot when various side effects came about and found alternative options to discuss with the doctors when necessary.
As part of this research, he found various natural supplements that greatly helped his body regulate things like cholesterol levels and a multi-vitamin specifically formulated for individuals with kidney health challenges. To help with migraines and sleeping, he began drinking tart cherry juice concentrate each night, finally starting to feel more and more like his old self. Despite all of these efforts, in his early 30s the condition progressed to Stage 5…meaning in addition to being active on the transplant list it was now time to start testing for matches of living donors. Along with the pain, fatigue, and nausea came frustration, anger, and sadness. There had to be a better way…more that could be done to help provide holistic relief without adding to the already complex list of medications.

The benefits of CBD oil were exactly what he had been searching for. CBD is a non-addictive, natural option to help your body regulate certain receptors that focus on sensory perceptions, movement, memory, emotions, the immune system, pain and inflammation.
We encourage you to explore our Learn section to find out more about CBD & to start taking an active and educated approach to your own mind and body’s overall health.

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