10mg Gummy – Active CBD Oil – Sour Gummy Bear Edibles


Available in 10 count and 25 count

  • THC-free; Non-psychoactive. 
  • 10mg CBD per gummy bear.
  • Slightly sour coating to cover taste of CBD
  • No taste or odor associated with CBD Oil or Hemp. 
  • Absolutely no fillers, preservatives, solvents, or additives. Made from Non-GMO hemp.
  • Each batch that is produced is sent to a 3rd party lab and results are consistently updated
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10mg Gummy

These edible 10mg gummy bears are super convenient to take on the go.  Not only that, but these CBD gummies taste great too! It’s a perfect mix of sweet and sour flavors. Great for yourself, or to give as a gift for a friend or loved one.

Typically when getting started with CBD, 10mg is the recommended dosage. From there you can decide the next time if you need to increase your dosage.

This 10mg gummy is perfect for those new to CBD, as well as experienced CBD users, as it gives you the option to start slow and choose your CBD dosage easily.  Take one gummy to start and see how it affects you…maybe it gave you the perfect amount of relief or maybe next time you’ll decide to take two.

Each bear is a 10mg gummy, so the 10 count bottle has a total of 100mg CBD and the 25 count bottle is 250mg gummies worth of CBD.

So what can you take CBD gummies for?

The great news here is you can take these for pretty much anything! These 10mg gummy bears provide all the typical benefits of CBD oil. And for those that struggle with taking CBD capsules, these gummies provide an alternative to taking CBD pills for pain.

You can take CBD gummies for anxiety, sleep, and so much more.  Read more about the Benefits of CBD Oil for a closer look at different reasons to give CBD a try today!

Want to try making your own edible gummy bears?

Check out our CBD Oil Tart Cherry Gummies recipe, which you can make using one of our CBD oil tinctures.  With a variety of flavored tinctures you can even explore different combinations and recipe adjustments to create your own unique edible gummy bear flavors!



10ct 100mg CBD/bottle, 25ct 250mg CBD/bottle


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